Protecting & Cleansing your Aura

There are different ways to protect the aura if we feel vulnerable.

One method is to call upon the universal forces for protection by saying a prayer or invocation. Body language can be used- folding your arms across your chest is widely recognised as being defensive, and spiritual or religious symbology can be used (such as banishing pentagram from Pagan traditions, sign of the Cross in Catholicism and Christianity, or Mudras in Hinduism and Buddhism). Visualisations are another simple and effective means of protection (such as imagining being surrounded by a bubble or shell, force field, reflective mirror, wearing armouring, guardian angel, etc). Some crystals have high protective vibrations such as black tourmaline, obsidian, amber (aids immunity), or sunstone (clears negative thought forms) and can be set in jewellery (such as rings, necklaces, ear-rings, etc) or carried within clothing (ie pockets, tucked into bras/socks).

I like using visualisation methods to help protect my aura; I imagine glowing currents of white light surrounding my auric field which neutralises negative psychic energy within my personal space and helps me feel “invisible” (go unnoticed) by others. I find this method of aura protection the easiest to use as it requires no other physical tools and can be activated immediately and subtly, which I find particularly useful in public/social situations to help calm anxiety. However if I am feeling particularly vulnerable or my energies are low, I like to wear an amethyst crystal and draw comfort from its protective vibrations. If I do not have access to my crystals, yet I feel like I need an extra boost to my protective auric force field, I will psychically envoke the energies of the natural elements (North/earth, South/fire, West/water, East/air) to lend their qualities to my energy, much like casting a circle of protection around a ritual space during Magikal rites (Pagan/Wiccan tradition).

There are a variety of ways to recharge and revitalise the aura.

Saying a small prayer asking Spirit to clear energy field is a simple method. Detoxing the physical body with a natural diet is a way to cleanse deeply. Walking in the sunlight or moonlight can feel rejuvenating. Visualisations based around natural water sources (like waterfalls or rivers) is an effective cleanser, as is bathing and drinking water. Incense or smudge sticks can also help cleanse the aura. Smoky quartz and labradorite crystals are particularly effective cleansing stones to use in healing. An amethyst cluster can be used to give someone an “aura comb” to help release blocks and gentle dispel negativity in the auric field.

After a challenging day or before undertaking any Magikal practices (such as deeper meditations, rituals, etc) I like to take a bath with a quartz cluster which helps me feel relaxed and cleaner on all levels as I visualise the water bathing me in white light and watch the negativity drain away down the plug hole. I also enjoy taking my dog for a walk in the woods to absorb the healing properties of nature. As well as the benefits or fresh air and exercise, the tranquil area gives my aura the space to stretch out, and inspires a sense of freedom within me. I will often find a tree that calls out to me and I will envisage my own grounding roots entwining with the roots of the tree while placing my palms on its trunk to connect with its energy; as the trees absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, I feel as if the tree can channel my negative energy and transform it into positive energy. For a quick fix cleansing, I use smudges sticks or incense as the aromas enter my being through my sense of smell help me to centre myself, as well as cleansing the surroundings.

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