Base Chakra- Red

The Base Chakra or Root Chakra is located in the pelvis at the bottom of the lower spine. The colour associated with this energy point is red, and the corresponding element is Earth. The Base Chakra is the energy point that is closest to the Earth and is our connection to the planet. This Root Chakra deals primarily with our survival instincts and is the centre for our physical energy and vitality.

Chakra Physicality

Matter needs stability and structure in order to exist- the Earth energies within our Base Chakra relate to physical solidity and support, particularly to the structure and flexibility of our skeleton. A strong base also needs to be flexible in order to be able to respond and adapt to our immediate survival needs.

The red vibrations of our Base Chakra also support our body’s core temperature and blood circulatory system, maintaining a steady temperature level to allow chemical reactions to take place within cells at a healthy rate. This chakra is also linked with our feet and legs which support and carry us upon the Earth. Our levels physical energies of strength and stamina are governed by the Base Chakra which monitors our rate of rest, nourishment and sensual stimulation.

Physical signs of energy imbalance within the Base Chakra may manifest as as stiffness or painful movement in the hips or legs or feet. Root Chakra imbalances could also account for poor blood circulation (often hands and feet are cold) or a fluctuating body temperature. Low energy of this chakra could affect our balance and physical co-ordination making us clumsy or feel unsteady. As the centre of our vitality, blocks within the Base Chakra may leave a person feeling drained, with a chronic lack of energy or exhaustion following even the slightest exercise, with the inability to sustain their energy levels.

Suffering with low Base Chakra energy may manifest as recurring health issues. With a lack of drive or motivation, some with low Base Chakra energies may also have an aversion to exercise. Those who are experiencing blocks within their Root Chakras may be uncomfortable with, or, overly aware of their body image. Over-eating could be a sign of excessive energy in the Base Chakra; aversion to eating may be caused by a block within the Root Chakra.

Bringing energy into the Base Chakra involves looking after our physical bodies as an organic machine by ensuring our basic needs of eating and sleeping are met through our awareness of healthy habits. The human body depends on nutrition and rest in order to sustain and repair itself. By ensuring that we are allow ourselves adequate time for quality sleep, our physical selves and active conscious can re-energise. A balanced diet is also important for a healthy Root Chakra, as through the act of eating we are absorbing the nourishment of the Earth. High-protein foods and minerals from fresh food or vitamin supplements can help support the energies of our Base Chakra; root vegetables are rich in minerals and Earth energies.

Stimulating the physical energies of the Base Chakra can be explored with gentle exercises such as Pilates or Yoga, rhythmical activities involving dancing or jumping, walking or running. Stamping your feet improves circulation and our link to the planet. Exercises that improve balance and co-ordination helps to increase and focus Base Chakra vibrations. Doing physical activities outdoors also helps us to reconnect with the Earth.

Exploring our sense of touch through gentle, sensual activities such as aromatherapy, reflexology or massage, or having a warm bath soothes over-active Base Chakras, helping us to be mindful of physically relaxing and calms excessive chakra energy, preparing our bodies for rest.

Chakra Mentality

The foundations of our lives are physical, and the energies of the Base Chakra are grounded in the material reality, supported by Earth. Energy within the universe must be somehow organised and maintained in the midst of all kinds of opposing forces and reactions, with a balanced Root Chakra that enables us to function with the practical aspects of our lives building structure and routine.

Generally it is easier to to release an excess of energy from the Base Chakra than it is to build up a lack of energy. When energy in the Base Chakra is balanced, we have the motivation and stamina to get through our day and overcome challenges constructively. Physically and emotionally, we feel healthy, grounded and centred. We feel confident and sure of ourselves, capable of positively asserting our needs and standing our ground. A balanced Base Chakra supports us with a stable, emotional foundation so that we are feel strong enough to trust others, allowing ourselves to be vulnerable in order to feel protected. Sensuality is felt throughout our bodies, and we enjoy the closeness of others in intimate relationships.

When connected with Earth energies, the Root Chakra gives us strength, support and increases our awareness and receptivity of our surroundings, and we feel fully alive, master of ourselves. The emotional responses associated with the Base Chakra ensure the need of our personal survival, and are linked to the flight-or-fight response. In situations where there is a loss of control or powerlessness, or feeling trapped our Base Chakra reacts and our survival instincts kick in. Babies are ruled by their Root Chakras expressing themselves loudly and forcefully to ensure their basic needs of hunger, rest and comfort are met. Depending on personality, stress and fear can appear as withdrawal (like an animal hiding from a threat), or manifest as aggression- in which case others that offer help can be perceived as a threat and attacked. Anger and aggression arise from the fundamental cause: our fear. In some cases this can make us prone to self-destructive tendencies and behaviour. Fear manifests itself as stress which is an increasing inability to deal with changing situations in a creative and flexible way. Remaining in a constant state of alert drains our body’s energy, making it more difficult to respond effectively when real danger presents itself, and over time this can cause emotional burn out making it impossible to become excited or motivated about anything.

Deficient energy in the Base Chakra may leave us feeling lacking confidence and self-esteem. We may feel vulnerable or weak, fearing abandonment, unable to place our trust in others or a sense of masochism. Lack of energy within the Root Chakra causing loss of motivation can manifest as an aversion to getting involved with the practicalities of our lives (like maintaining a comfortable home environment), or avoiding to deal with material aspects of lives (for example balancing our finances). Blocks within the Base Chakra may cause us to feel “spaced out” and detached, unable to achieve or complete our goals.

Excessive energy within the Base Chakra- the state of constantly being in alert- may result in retaining tension internally, or increased excitability with a continual need for stimulation; it becomes difficult to concentrate or focus. When there is too much energy in the Base Chakra, we may focus on ourselves too much, becoming selfish and egotistical, concerned only by material gain. Becoming so centred on ourselves prevents us from forming close relationships with others, unable to empathise, nor be flexible to see from another’s perspective. An over-active Root Chakra can create domineering and over-bearing tendencies, issues with authority and control issues.

Practical, physical activities in our routine can help to stimulate low Base Chakra energy, and channel high Base Chakra energy. Simple, constructive actives can help us re-focus and centre ourselves, releasing pent-up energies. When our survival emotions are running high, having something to focus on can support the transformation of our energies from potentially destructive to productive. Many have stated how therapeutic gardening, cleaning or knitting/crocheting can be. Short, regular meditations focusing on grounding with the Earth can also help to stabilise the Root Chakra, calming anxiety and releasing tensions.