Pendulum Dowsing Experiment

Crystal pendulums are widely used for many purposes including crystal healing, divinatory arts and dowsing. Some people use pendulums to help them find lost objects; some psychics even claim to be able to find missing people using a pendulum to pinpoint their location on a map.

I wanted to test the dowsing aspects of crystal pendulums in a simple experiment- by using a my quartz pendulum to find an object hidden under one of three identical cups.


I thought of a couple of things that could influence the results:
•Would the chances of the object being found be increased if the object hidden was another crystal?
•How could I ensure that my own intuition wouldn’t be effecting the test of the pendulum?

Control Factors
I asked a friend to hide the object under a cup and to mix the cups around while I looked the other way so that I couldn’t know which cup the object was hiding in. The objects I used were a terminated quartz crystal and a small, wooden cube. I used a wooden cube as the inanimate control object as it is made of natural material but doesn’t put out the same kind of “living energy” vibe as a crystal.

I planned four trials to determine the accuracy of the pendulum:
1a) my own guess in finding the wooden cube
1b) using the pendulum to find the cube
2a) my own guess in finding the quartz crystal
2b) using the pendulum to find the quartz crystal

Overall, I had no idea if pendulum dowsing was accurate; I had never seen it or used it previously myself, although I had read a few stories about accurate dowsing. I thought that if the crystal pendulum was accurate in finding hidden objects that the hidden crystal would be more easier for the pendulum to seek (using the metaphysic idea of like attracting like).

Test Set Up


My friend hid the cube/crystal under a cup and mixed the cups together as I looked away. I then used the pendulum to see where cube/crystal was hidden and made my guess before my friend revealed where the object was and we started again. The results are recorded in the tables below.

The Results


The results were interesting- the pendulum didn’t seem to improve my dowsing to find the object, and it didn’t make a difference what the type of object was (the crystal wasn’t more accurate at finding the other crystal). What did surprise me was that my own guess (without the pendulum) improved when I was seeking the hidden crystal!

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