Harnessing Crystal Energy

Programming crystals is a way of modifying the energy of the crystal by imbuing it with an external essence (similar to installing software on a computer).

Crystals can be programmed with verbal requests (ie “I wish this crystal to be blessed with healing energy”) or mental images (like visualising power animals or magical symbols) or additional energy signature (like eclipse, seasonal, solar/lunar energies) or elemental vibration (ie, earth, wind, fire, water).

There are different methods to programme a crystal. One could meditate with the crystal, invoking love and light, focusing on the intent, or “think” the programme in while holding the crystal to the brow chakra. Another way is to hold the crystal in the left hand and wind the programme in with the right hand. To programme the crystal with elemental energy, leave the crystal in the presence of the element (for example next to a lit candle or in a bowl of water) so that the energy signature of the element can be imprinted to the crystal’s vibrations.


My preferred method of programming a crystal is to meditate with the crystal, visualising images and sensations that I wish to imbue the crystal with. I also use a special set of Major Arcana Tarot cards to programme crystals; I will choose a card and a crystal that I feel connected with (for example a moonstone and The Star card) and I meditate with them feeling their energies vibrate together. The crystal’s energy empowers the symbology of the card as the meaning of the card assimilates into the crystal (for example, a moonstone would be empowered with the dreams and wishes vibrations of The Star card and the card would be energised with the moonstone’s vibrations.

Dedicating a crystal means to work respectfully with the crystal spirit in order to focus the energies of the crystal to a specific purpose. This is similar to programming a crystal and is used for sacred, universal causes.

After cleansing and charging a crystal, meditate with the crystal vibrations and focus the energies to empower your chosen purpose, being sure to ask the crystal spirit for its blessing and guidance.

Once a crystal has been dedicated it must be kept in a safe place and not to be used for anything other than it’s intended purpose. Other people should not handle dedicated crystals as the thought patterns and intentions of others may disturb and interfere with the vibrations of the crystal’s programme.

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