Connecting with Crystals

The process of attuning allows a person’s energy to harmonise with the energy of a crystal, becoming familiar with the crystal’s vibrations. There are different ways to tune in to a crystal.

Mediation allows a person to get an in-depth feel of the crystal’s energies, and one can enter a crystal to meet it’s spirit. This method may not be as effective if a person experiences the process of meditating difficult (due to feeling psychically ill/injured/emotionally over-charged, feeling fatigued, not having suitable environment, lack of time required for effective period).

Keeping a crystal near by can allow it’s energies to flow and vibrate within it’s environment; for example you might keep an amethyst cluster near a bedside table or under a pillow to aid sleep and encourage dreams as the amethyst gently radiates with the sleeper throughout the night. Other factors in the environment (such as electronic equipment, computers, mobile phones, plug sockets, Internet/TV/phone ports) could effect the vibrations of the crystal, so the size of the crystal should be considered (large clusters and bed formations are suitable) as well as the best place for the crystal to rest to encourage the crystal energy flow around the environment.

Wearing a crystal is a way of being able to attune to the crystal wherever you might be, if worn in jewellery (like amethyst ear rings, turquoise necklace, carnelian belt buckle, emerald ring) or carried in pockets. Some crystals (like hematite or malachite) have a strong energy and should only be worn for short periods of time. Some people also have strong reactions to crystals (like finding the energy of quartz too intense or the grounding of hematite too draining) so meditation with the crystal might be advisable in order to judge its energies before wearing it.

Try wearing crystals if you feel like you need a particular energy boost, and see if you can feel the crystal’s energy vibrating (like at certain times of day or if feeling a particular emotion). Place different crystals under your pillow to see how your dreams and sleepy pattern are influenced. You might like to meditate with crystals in order to focus and become accustomed to its energies when welcoming new crystals to your collection.


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