Choosing Crystals

Using one’s intuition is a way to choose crystals for healing. This method is simple and easy to do; a person passes their hands over a variety of crystals to see if a particular stone’s energy calls to them. However, they might take care that the crystals they are drawn to are for the purpose of healing themselves and not for healing of others.

Some people choose crystals for healing by seeing if any particular crystals “talk” to them, by holding the crystal in their receptive (left) hand, or to their heart/brow chakra. This method is similar to using intuition and one should ensure the crystal is intended for a person’s healing. Some people might not be confident in trusting their own instincts and intuition.

Another way of choosing crystals is by dowsing. One can use a pendulum by holding a crystal (typically from quartz family) on a chain over a selection of stones and watching the swing of the pendulum to indicate as to whether or not a crystal is suitable to use for healing. Although sometimes a crystal pendulum might not be as effective at choosing if the healer refrains their own energy from the pendulum (usually the pendulum would remain motionless) or the healer could influence the pendulum with their own intent if their mind isn’t “actively disinterested” in the outcome of the pendulum.

When I choose crystals for healing others, I tend to use a selection process of my intuition and a crystal pendulum. I think about the person that requires the healing (I picture what they look like, imagine hearing their voice, seeing their expressions, sensing their energy) as I cast a glance over the crystals and physically touch any stones that draw my attention. If I am unsure of which crystals to use then I use a crystal pendulum to help me decide.

I prefer to choose crystals using my own intuition because it feels the most natural method to me personally as I enjoy sensing the different vibrations of crystals, and I find using a pendulum helpful in clarifying or affirming my choices.

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