Spring so far..


I have really been enjoying spending time with my kids this half term (no school runs, no pack lunches, no uniform and PE kit prep!).  As a family we identify as Pagan (my 9 yr old daughter in particular is very open-minded and interested in the “witchy” stuff I do as she calls it), and they are both aware of Eostre- the origins of the hare and the egg, the return of the Sun with the equinox, and why these symbols are still relevant and recognised by other beliefs (of course the emphasis is on Easter in the UK, and the festival of chocolate to children!).  When it’s a change of the Wheel, we usually read the relating part in a really awesome children’s book: Luna Moon Hare by Wendy Andrews which explains about the different seasons and changes in the Wheel of the Year through a beautifully illustrated and magically told story.  The kids and I made the most of lazy PJ mornings, going to the park, doing arts and crafts, making yummy nest cakes (as shown in the photo) and we started a little growing project on the window sill to begin a modest herb and veg container-based garden (spring onions in a jar on the go, chitting potatoes, garlic, basil and an avocado seed so far).  We’ve seen our family, hung out with friends, been out shopping in the city (Tiger and CEX are our favourite shops) and visited the trampoline park.  We’ve celebrated Eostre by enjoying being together, by doing activities we like, and by talking about the changes in the seasonal shift outside.

A new beginning for me which I’m really excited about, is officially beginning my studies to become a qualified counsellor. I have wanted to do this since I was a teen, and I knew I needed life experience, qualifications and to be in a strong and stable place both within my practical, emotional and mental selves.  I’ve had the challenges of trying to find the right place to study, funding, and being able to commit myself to formal training….it’s been about 9 years since I have been in any official educational capacity. The last official thing I trained for which took 9 months was to be an Ofsted registered childminder back when my daughter was a baby.  Everything I’ve learned since then has been self-taught, from reading, from tutorials, from experimenting, from trial and error, from accidental discovery.  But I have NOW started my journey with getting qualified to become a counsellor, and I am enjoying the course content so far, and hope that this can help support my Tarot practise as well.


I treated myself to the Game of Thrones Tarot deck which I really love and can’t wait to begin working with. I do a proper unboxing video of this on my Youtube channel which you can see by clicking here!

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