Elemental Well-Being: Are you in balance?

The Elemental Aspects of our Well Being

Since ancient times, the elements have been highly revered by many cultures around the world, honoured for their natural power, channelled for their specific energies and used to demonstrate and explain how the natural world is made, and how each of the elements shows natural energy in its many forms.

Abundance of one element’s vibration, or, the lacking energies of an element can have an impact where the imbalance between the elements is extreme,or when one element is more dominant or present than the others. Symptoms of these imbalances can present themselves as physical or emotional illnesses.

Exploring the relationships of balance and harmony between the elements can help us to reflect on aspects of the elements that are present in our own lives, and which elemental energies are most active within ourselves.

Earth- Eating & Sleeping

Earth is the foundation for growth and our physical energy levels- how much physcial energy we have depends mostly on what we eat and how we rest. Our brains are first primed to demand food and sleep as parents of new borns will tell you!

Norishment and time to regain our strength is essential to our growth, healing and development, with good diet and rest habits provding a healthy foundation to our wellbeing. With a good night’s sleep and a decent breakfast under your belt, you feel ready to begin your day.

The Earthly aspect of our being is much to do with the physical care of our bodies including feeding it, resting it and cleaning it- all good hygene practices sustain health and prevent infections and diseases from spreading thanks to the healing and cleansing properties of Water.

Exercise increases our strength and fitness levels, as well as releases happy chemicals in our brain to help satisfy our body and mind. It is a good reminder to feel our muscles and bones working to keep us balanced, focused, poised and in touch with our physical selves, to raise our Earthly vibration.

If you feeling very tired, or low in mood in could be due to diet (not eating enough or unhealthy eating habits) or lack of rest. Similarily we might feel out of touch with the Earth element if we eat or sleep too much- we become blocked and feel sluggish, demotivated. Balancing the Earth element requires a diet which satisfies our nutritional needs and enough rest to ensure our energy levels can be replensihed sufficiently.

Air- Thoughts & Communication

The Air elemental aspects of our well being are things like our mental thought processes and communication; sound travels through air which is why these are interlinked. Our memories, problem solving, logic and reasoning are part of our inner Air attributes, as well as our ability to communicate.

When there is an lack of Air energy we may find it hard to concentrate or focus, or become forgetul. Information seems to slip through our memory and we find it harder to problem-solve. We may also find it more difficult to communicate our thoughts and feelings to others, or explain ourselves, or experience social anxieties and shyness, or feel at a loss for words.

Activities that stimulate our logical brain such as crosswords, suduko,or other form of puzzles are mental excerises that pleasently challenge and refreshen our internal Air aspects. Reading, music, and any form of art is also very stimulating to our mimds; without inspiration or stimulation, our brains become mush and we feel stagnant, and unoriginal. A flash of inspiration can sometimes feel like a sudden gust of wind, blowing away the mental cobwebs from our minds.

We become more vunerable and uninspired if we spend hours in front of a screen where advertising influences every aspect of our modern lives. Instead of becoming engaged with our environment, we are tuning out of it. Television can be a relaxing, social aspect where a family can relax together to enjoy a film, or people converse about TV shows, and it can be a way to get information across to a vast audience, but too much television can damage our capabilities to socalise and think for ourselves due to media manipulation and carefully crafted subliminaly advertising.

Excessive Air energy can also be harmful to us- we can over think situations and jump to conclusions or worry unneccessarily. Learning to control our focus and manage our thoughts can be explored through meditation which can calm the mind and body.

Fire: Ambition & Motivation

Fire can be both a constructive and destructive force, depending on how it is used. The “fire in our belly” is the Fire energy that fuels our ambition and gives us the driving force we need to complete our goals and succeed. When we complete our task in hand, we often feel a warm glow of satisfaction from a job well done.

Situations that encourage competitiveness stimulate Fire energies; competition can be healthy and constructive we have much to learn from others and putting our skills to the test can be fun, although some people can be dominated by Fire energy and become too competitive. There is grace in both winning and losing!

Challenging others in healthy competition can be fun, but ultimately challenging ourselves is a good way to get in touch with the firey determination that we envoke to master a new skill or complete a deadline. Fundraising for charities is a positive way to channel competitive energies and give a boost to motivation in doing something positive for others.

Passion is an effect of Fire energy it is not love or lust…we can hate or love something with a passion. This kind of passion is a force, and it can inspire us to do great things or terrible things when it is the sole drive of our desires. If we are all consumed with Fire energy, we become obsessive, destroying whatever gets in our way. We must learn to recognise what triggers us in order to control our reactions to it. We have the power within ourselves to turn potentially damaging energies into more positive and constructive ones, often using creativity as a venting process and expression of our feelings.

adrenaline could also be heavily linked with Fire energies; people get thrills from going on rollercoasters or doing extreme sports, and some even become “hooked” on experiencing these fierce bursts of Fire energies, continuously seeking activities that hit their survival flight-or-flight button.

Water- Emotion & Reflection

The energies of Water are closely linked with our emotions and feelings; we cry tears of joy, laughter, happiness, and we also shed tears in grief, anger, sadness. Water as a key element is also known for its purifying and healing properties.

Tears are a physical expression of emotion, our body’s release of extreme feelings. Crying can be a form of physical and emotional release, and is a healthy part of a healing and cleansing process. As well as tears, the human body also produces water in the form of sweat which is a biological process that helps our bodies to regulate our internal temperature and gets rid of toxins.

Everyday life is filled with stresses some more draining and emotionally provoking than others and we all experience some kind of trauma in our lives whether it be a job redundancy, family break up, test failure, health scare, relationship problem…things are, of course never always easy and we all have various ways of coping. Ultimately life is full of experiences we can learn from, where what we encounter has a rippling effect on what we think and how we react.

Getting too caught up in our emotions can make us drown in extreme feelings, and finding some way to safely release our emotions by expressing how we feel is a way of healing and moving forward. Channelling emotions positively can be through a physical outlet such as excercise or through an expressive outlet through creative means.


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