Elemental Reasoning

Life is all about choices, decisions we make, the directions we choose, what we give and take. We are faced with many challenges-big and small- which teach us valuable lessons in life, giving us the experience to grow and broadening our understanding. We make mistakes in order to learn from them, and sometimes the only way to learn is by simple trial and error, and in by finding the many ways that don’t work, through the process of elimination we will no doubt eventually discover a way to move forward!

One way to break down and analyse a situation is to look at the elemental aspects within things. Recognising the elemental vibrations can help is to understand the full scope beyond our own perspective, increasing our awareness of circumstances within a situation.

In a situation where there is a general dispute, the element of Fire is likely to be present. When emotions and pressure build up, the results can be damaging. Tempers are typically described as explosive, with anger recognised as a red, hot emotion. What is the cause of the “fire”? What is the source of the disharmony- does this come from a person as a result of their emotions? Or is the discord stemming from the circumstances of a situation? What is the cause for alarm or concern? Has something been ignited as a result of whatever has been going on? Harnessing fire energy of a situation can be used creatively, as sometimes if the fire vibration is the weakest, this could be the key to illuminating a solution; by injecting our drive and ambition into consciously focusing on reaching a resolution we are bringing our energy and attention to achieving an outcome, sometimes motivating others to do so as well, setting things in motion, lighting the way to progression.

The Earth energies within circumstances are the boundaries or rules that might be in place, aspects of the situation that are fixed which we need to recognise and learn to work within the parameters of. Earth vibrations are the core facts, the undeniable truth which underpins the set of circumstances we may find ourselves in. What boundaries do we need to be aware of and how can we progress within the subtle structure? What rules or facts support or oppose our own standing or position? What are the practical, physical things we are actually able to do in order to help ourselves? How much time and resources does one need to dedicate in order to complete a task or achieve a goal? What aspects of a situation are we able to change and what must we learn to accept? How sure or certain do we feel- what does our gut instinct or intuition tell us?

The Air aspects include the energies of ideas and communication that flow within the circumstances. We have many, many different forms and ways of communicating our ideas, our voice to others, and sometimes the true meaning of messages may get misinterpreted or lost in translation; sometimes this may be the entire reason for a dispute, and by becoming more aware of how we are communicating, we can ensure that we are clear about expressing what we mean. Finding the inspiration for “outside the box” thinking often require taking a somewhat detached, bird’s eye view of the situation so that our practical reasoning is not clouded by our emotions, lest we make decisions our of sheer reaction than by conscious choice. What is the quality of your communication? Do you understand the intent behind another’s idea or the crux of the situation? Where can you get inspiration for solutions? Who could you talk to that would be able to assist or support you?

The Water vibrations of a situation contain or emotions and feelings that are present. Our decision making and conscious reasoning are often greatly effected by how we are feeling. Sometimes we make a choice which, when given some time to reflect on, we may regret as we recognise that the choice we made was based on emotions that were present at the time, and are now are no longer active. Water energy is also soothing and healing, a great cleanser. Consider what can be done to help calm a situation, what you can actively do to bring a little serenity and peace. Be mindful of the feelings of others, and not just your own feelings coming from within- what is being reflected or expressed around you? What emotions do you feel? How are you expressing these? To what extent are your thoughts controlled by your emotions? How can we transform negative energy into positive energy?

By being aware of the elemental influences that are present within a situation, we can use this as an inner structure in which we can process what it happening around us. Meditating on the different elemental energies can show us where there is harmony and discord. When presented with a challenge we can use this thinking cycle to gain deeper and broader insights into how to progress and move forward: the Earth aspects are the fixed boundaries; the Air aspects are what is being communicated, and how; the Fire aspects are what has initially sparked the situation, and the intent behind it; the Water aspect contains our feelings and the emotions attached to, or evoked by, the circumstances.


2 thoughts on “Elemental Reasoning

  1. Tahlia, your post, Elemental Reasoning was a delight to read. I am following you as I want to read more. I am planning a trip to the UK in 2015 and hope to learn about experiences and places to include to deepen and enrich my Pagan beliefs. Thank you! I look forward to reading more!

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