Elements & Totem within Capricorn

I celebrated my 26th birthday recently-I happen to be a Capricorn born on 12th Jan 1988 @ 06:20 (in Ipswich, England!) And I reckon I’m pretty typical to my Zodiac aspects!

An ancient belief
I have such respect and (confusion!) regarding astrology. It’s such an ancient meta-science, probably one of the most universally recognised across the globe with a lot of cultures having their own system of planetary-influenced signs; in the West we mostly use the Zodiac, in the East there’s the Chinese Wheel of the Year and the Native Americans have their own animal totem version, too.

Astrology is so traditional and complex that one can really lose themselves in discovering it. I must admit, the vibration of learning astrology doesn’t call out to me. I enjoy reading about it, but when “cusps” and “houses of Neptune” and “degrees” come into it, it starts to go over my head; I’m in awe of those who can create the planetary graphs and charts, there’s something alchemical about it all, and it makes me tingle when I think of the tradition of humans looking to the stars for guidance.

When I think of “Capricorn” the goat literally springs to my mind; goats are tough, determined creatures, not to be underestimated and (very) stubborn. As domestic animals they are helpful, resourceful and loyal. In the wild they are more reserved and aloof, preferring the solitude of their mountain terrain.

The goat is the totem animal for Capricorns, a tough and robust creature that thrives in the mountainous environment, loving the heights of the peaks, symbolising ambition and agility. Goats were one of the first animals to be domesticated by humankind with links to many legends and lore within history. They are intelligent and curious animals,inquisitive by nature, and Capricorns enjoy learning new skills. Goats will stand their ground- their horns are a symbol of self-protection. Unlike their cousin-species of the ram or the sheep, goats tend to less herd orientated, often grazing alone or standing apart from others; this is not to say that Capricorns are unsociable, however, like the goat totem Capricorns appreciate their own space, and are less likely no be susceptible to peer pressure.

Influence of Elements on the Earth sign
I feel that the natural habitat of the goat is significant when considering the attributes of the Capricorns. It is an Earth sign, so for me the symbol of the mountain signifies this; symbolically mountains are regarded as challenges, with the goat being right at home in this naturally testing environment that few are brave enough to explore. Mountains are notorious for being immovable, much like a Capricorn’s mind once it has been made up! But mountain terrain isn’t without it’s scars- the other elements do have a profound effect on the mountain as weathering and erosion leave cracks and crevices on the surface, although whatever life may through at it the mountain stands tall, strong and proud.

Volcanoes are an example of how the Fire element represents the temperament of Capricorns- underlying emotions may be seemingly dormant, but subconsciously feelings lie bubbling and smouldering beneath the surface, until an eruption of furious magma bursts from the depths of the volcano destroying everything in its path….the horns are natural weapons of the goat used for attack as well as self-defence, so getting on the wrong side of a Capricorn is definitely not a smart thing to do! Capricorns do have to watch themselves to make sure they are not exploding and head-butting as a way of releasing negative emotions; its far healthier for Capricorns to have a physical outlet (such as exercise or dancing or some other physical activity) in order to vent and channel their feelings, as the goat is an active animal, becoming irritable and bored in limited environment.

Air also has an impact as the wind erodes mountains, reshaping the landscape like new ideas changing a Capricorn’s perspective. High mountain peaks are immersed in cloud which is no challenge for the determined goat who will climb the summit even if the end of their goal is not clearly visible, as Capricorns can trust their instincts to achieve their goals despite solutions not being obvious. The thinning atmosphere of high mountains can not be handled by many, and Capricorns can think of answers to problems that may be unconventional, yet effective, and their creative ideas are often considered as “outside the box” thinking.

Water as rivers descends from the melted ice on the mountain tops and underground rivers flow through hidden caves within. Water as an element is often linked with our emotions and feelings; we cry tears of joy and sadness in highly charged emotional states. Sometimes crying is the only way to release such an emotional build up Capricorns tend to keep their emotions hidden, which can make them seem a little “frosty” to others, although this is often a defence mechanism as Capricorns are highly alert, on their guard. The opposite element of Earth is Water, for as solid as Earth is, Water is as fluid; Earth signs may have more trouble expressing or acknowledging their feelings. By learning to release and channel feelings Capricorns can allow themselves to let go, and not hold on to what no longer matters.


One thought on “Elements & Totem within Capricorn

  1. Morning, just came across this and after reading this I’m wondering if you’re my long lost twin. Ha! It’s funny cause up until about a month ago I never believed in astrology so therefore never really looked into it until a month ago when outta the blue I stumbled onto a site. After about 30sec of reading it I realized just how real it is. Always wondered why I did the things I did and whether there was someone else who thought like me since I’ve never came across anyone yet. Glad I stumbled into this though, now for any future relationships i can simply tell them to look up everything about Capricorns since I suck at expressing myself. Lol. Anyways just wanted to share that. Have a good one.

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