~Lammas: The Time of Harvest~

On Thursday 1st August 2013, it will be time for many nature-centred and pagan communities to celebrate Lammas, the time of year that marks the beginning of harvest in the fields, as the wheat stretches high and golden to the late summer sun.

Lammas brings with it the themes of harvest including appreciation, generosity as we gather with friends and family to give thanks for the abundance of love within our relationships, sharing what we have, and working together to achieve and succeed.

During the process of harvesting, the wheat grain is separated from the chafe (known as ‘winnowing‘) which symbolises the harvest within our personal lives, a time where we take stock and gather the things we appreciate, deciding what needs to be cast aside, such as old worries and bad habits.


Consider how life reflects the cycle of harvest- how ideas are planted like seeds, the hard work of nurturing your idea, watching it grow, and enjoy reaping the rewards of your labour come into fruition; for example, good health can grow with improved diet, increased exercise, or quitting smoking or cutting down on alcohol; family bonds strengthen when you take time to visit far away relatives, or spend time with your grandchildren, or by doing errands for and supporting elderly or unwell family members.

Immerse yourself in the colours of Lammas to attract abundance:
•golden yellow reflects the prosperity of wheat in the fields
•deep brown is the colour of nurturing, rich soil of the earth
•natural shades of green promote growth and health
•sunset orange is the colour for friendship and energy

It is traditional at Lammas to bake bread as a way of honouring the first flour of the wheat harvest. Many people find cooking enjoyable, and although it may be ordinarily difficult to bake fresh bread in our busy scheduled lives, take some time out this year to have a go at baking your own bread, especially with your children, as cooking is a wonderful way to include younger ones during the celebrations.

You may like to make a special Lammas incense using dried herbs crushed and mixed together to burn on a charcoal disc; a combination of hibiscus, myrrh, sage and rose petals makes a wonderful waning summer incense; or another mix uses bay leaf, basil and cinnamon for prosperity and protection.

Crystals that are great for cleansing negative energies are smokey quartz- which is also used for protection and grounding- and, onyx used for casting aside grudges and expelling negative blocks. Carnelian is a warming, sparkling orange stone with earth energies that assist confidence and ambition.


In the Major Arcana of Tarot, The Empress is the embodiment of abundance, fertility and harmony, often illustrated in a flourishing goodness field of wheat.

Using numerology (0+1+0+8+2+0+1+3=15, 5+1=6) we can see that this year’s Lammas will have vibrations of the number 6, the number of socialising and groups, as we share our good fortune and give thanks with our friends and family for the bounty in our lives.


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