Energies within a home

Strange goings on…
I received a text message last night from a friend of mine (who I shall call “Jane” and remove other’s names mentioned in original message to protect her identity & respect her privacy).

JANE:Hey Hun hope your all ok! Your in tune with all the tarret readings and what not can you sense things like ghosts and things? Silly question I know 🙂 xxxxx

MY REPLY: Heya! It’s not a silly question don’t worry 🙂 lol! Its hard to put into words the kinds of energy I work with! I don’t have much mediumship experience but I know people who are ….if its something I can help with I will- what’s up? Xxx

JANE: Yeah can do, we just been having a lot of things happening in the flat which is starting to freak me out a bit lol xxxx

MY REPLY: Aw bless ya! Like what kinds of things? Do they happen in a certain place in your home or during particular times? “Ghosts” aren’t the only option- it could be your House Spirit making itself known(every home has one). If you’ve made any big changes to your home (I know you’ve moved in just recently) or some kind of highly emotionally charged occurrence (such a nasty argument) has happened lately your House Spirit might be showing signs of things being out of sorts. Nothing can hurt you or your baby, so don’t worry! X I’m always happy to come visit you one evening if you like? No Ouija boards though lol I won’t deal with that! But I can do house cleansing and protection blessings if you feel that would help 🙂 x

JANE: Yea if you wouldn’t mind lol they all happen at night … One incident is one of my baby’s toys just gone when it was there then bread that’s fell off the counter with no explanation and one was my friends bag that was sitting on the table for 3 hours untouched it fell over and her keys just fell out and were like chucked near the door all unexplained things! recently had my friend stay few nights but nothing else really changed xxxx

MY REPLY:Hmmmm, very curious! It’s hard to know what to advise when I’m not sure exactly what kind of energy is presenting itself, so let me know when is a good night for me to come round (I’d dowse with a crystal pendulum for particular energy disturbances, cleanse the rooms with blessed salt and water and sage smudge the rooms) That’s the initial cleansing stuff that normally does the trick and if things don’t improve after that then there are further methods to shifting energies. How often would you say things are occurring and is there a particular timeframe in the evening when things tend to happen? Have you spoken to anyone else about this? X

JANE:I haven’t no only my friend as he is usually there lol any night is good Hun! Has happened late in the evening and only started last week but starting to get more frequent now xxxx

MY REPLY: It is Summer Solstice coming up on June 21st where it is the longest day and shortest night and it is said that the veil between our world and the Faery Kingdom is thin, so domestic and nature spirits are more active and noticeable at this time. If it doesn’t sound a little too crazy for you- You could try having a little Faery altar somewhere in your house (on a shelf or windowsill somewhere in your home) which would give the energies something to “play” with so that they know what you don’t mind them interacting with…doesn’t have to be big or elaborate or obvious: a picture your little one has painted, feathers & stones she finds at the park with you, some flowers (wild flowers in a small jam jar of water is nice), and maybe even some little trinkets like buttons or odd earrings or copper coins…little things like that….if you arrange them nicely in a safe place and light a small candle with a little incense around your designated Faery space your House spirits and domestic Fae will get the message and you may notice some good luck and nice surprises happen during the Solstice Period 🙂 X

JANE:Ooo sounds a good thing lol 🙂 when are you free?? xxxx


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