Prose for Goddess Athena

3 verses of 9= 27, 2+ 7= 9)…9 is a spiritual number in Numerology

For you, Wise Goddess Athena,
The Divine One of Knowledge;
The Fair Lady who Shields me
from Gorgon’s stoney stare,
Whose counsel whispers
Silent on gliding Owl’s wing
Tahlia gives thanks to You,
Brave Goddess, To Whom
I dedicate my recent studies:

Of Odin’s Ancient Runes
Glyphs of Power, Sight & Wisdom,
the Nordic & Saxon roots
from which sacred Yew grew
are steeped in Shaman mystery
Mystic tools of Wise-Folk
Not to be taken lightly,
Nor to be used on a whim;
“A gift demands a gift.”

Cartomancy in Lenormand form
Has found this seeking Soul discovered;
A Grande Tableau before me
Sees I as a Map of Fortune,
Symbols speaking of a Lost Art,
Like landmarks of a Life Quest
leading where Luck lies forgot;
‘Tis a petit “Game of Hope”
to suit the Path of an Oracle.

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